Kenny B (20 Year Technician)

Using FOAS since 2011. 

Time spent waiting on parts quotes and advisor approvals cut by 50%

Much improved Advisor to Tech communication

Gives Advisors,Techs and Parts Advisors accountability (No more he said/she said)

Ability to communicate with customer via texting instead of waiting on phone calls is a major improvment

Rod F (15 Year Technician)

FOAS  appeals to my OCD.

I like things accurate and organized and FOAS inherently does this.

I like the notes blogs that are specific to a specific Repair Order. Being able to see what the Advisor is dicussing with the customer about is often very helpful

Randy H (30 Year Technician)

A picture is worth a thousand words

People believe what they see. With mobile we can now capture images directly into the inspection so Advisors can share with the customer. This without question instills trust and confidence in our  findings, leading to more sales.